Figurative Painter and Sculpturer

Sound of Silence 140x65cm Oil on canvas

Opus Magnum 70x50cm Oil on canvas

The Corner 80x60cm Oil on canvas

The Phone call 80x60cm Oil on canvas

On shaky ground 55x45cm

Let`s get lost 45x80cm

MODERN ICONS - Portraiture going beyond the mask to expose a larger story

Lennon & Ono, Give peace a chance 99x70cm

Detail Oil on canvas

Madonna, Madolla`r 80x60cm

Michael Jackson, Neverland 80x60cm

Keith Richards, Dali Lama of rock and roll

NEUROTICA - a Psycho-logic puzzle

Fellowship 110x90cm Oil on canvas

Circe 120x120cm Oil on canvas

Homesick 110x70cm Oil on canvas

Helen 130x90cm Oil on canvas

MIND JAM - turning traditional logic upside down with a humorous slant

Coffee to go 30x50cm

I only have eyes for you 40x30cm

Iphone, therefore I am 40x30cm

The Swan Pitcher 40x30cm

Lifes a joke 40x30cm

The babe wore red - you bore me 40x40cm x3


Sisters of the North 81x65cm


Dali Bulls Eye

Detail Oil on canvas



Marilyn Monroe Oil on canvas

Jim Morrison Oil on canvas

FRAGMENTALISM - Through individual and independent objects the whole will be revealed.

Neuropa 130x400cm

Lonesome tears in my eyes 80x70cm


3D models - Table size

Enfant Mystique, painted Plaster

Enfant Mystique II

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